This is service for educators (teachers, administrators, studets) who want to use Slack and Learning Management System together and get speed and coversation abilities of messenger and complexity and workflow of LMS.

Service is at stage of development, so landing page should collect leads and clearly describe features of such integration. And also show simplicity of using this integration.

Features provided by service.

1) Notifications. When team administrator connect LMS (CanvasLMS, Moodle, Blackboard) to messenger (Slack, Facebook, Telegram) every user will receive notifications about his events happened in LMS (new assignment, courses, quizzes, etc)

2) Commands. Every student and teacher can use commands to make assignments, leave feedback about courses, so messenger become lightweight client to your LMS

3) Messenger in da classroom. Shy students can leave anonymous questions, rate lessons, teacher can give instant feedback during lesson and repeat unclear themes.

4) Analytics. Collect analytics about activity of students in messenger, how they take part in discussions, level of understanding during lessons and so on. Get insights about your classes.

Short description of how this works.

Service works as chatbot added to your messenger (channel, team, group).
Currently it supports Slack messenger and Canvas LMS, but other messengers (Telegram, Facebook Messenger) and other LMS (Moodle, Blackboard) will be supported.

1) First step is to get API keys from your LMS
2) Second step - add LmsBotHQ to your SlackTeam
3) Third step - connect bot with LMS instance

I can provide some screenshots for this steps if needed.

Collect emails
May be some words about current development stage, and ask to leave email to get notification when it will be ready.

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