Keeping Up with Classes is Easier Than Ever
The functionality of Learning Management Systems and the ease of instant messaging for your Team
Do It All in One Place
Don't waste your time switching back and forth between apps
Stay up to speed. You'll receive notifications for assignments, schedule updates, messages, and much more.
A mere 10% of students use email as a primary means of communication, and only 40% open emails from their university. Make yourself heard! With LmsBot, 80% of students will see the notification within 24 hours.
Are you tired of how much time you spend grading? Give yourself a break- your time is valuable. LmsBot allows you to grade assignments in under a minute, saving you an average of 3.7 hours every week.
Find out what students really think! Student engagement is key to academic success, but up to 60% of students feel uncomfortable speaking up in a classroom setting. With anonymous feedback, even the most shy student will feel comfortable providing input and asking questions
Get @LmsBotHQ up and running in a few short minutes
Setup your LMS
Log in to your Canvas LMS and select "developer keys" from the settings menu. Add LmsBot's API key.
Connect your Team
Visit to add @LmsBotHQ to your Slack Team and authorize the app. Each individual team member must also provide authorization.
Use it
You're done! Use the app to check grades, view assignments, and contact class members. @LmsBotHQ currently supports Canvas LMS and Slack but will support more platforms in the near future.
No spam, ever. Your email address will only ever be used for announce.
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